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Ain't no Party like a Karaoke Party!


Our karaoke room offers a seated capacity of up to 20 people and an overall capacity of 35 including standing. We have a constantly evolving music library of just over 55,000 songs so you are guaranteed to find something to your taste. Our system offers two wireless microphones, a platform on which to search and queue songs and a large screen for lyrics, all tucked away in a private room.  

Our Karaoke room can be booked privately any day, however on Fridays and Saturdays we only offer two-hour time slots. For Fridays we require a minimum of 10 people per booking and for Saturdays, a minimum of 15 people per booking.  

Karaoke bookings cost £50 per private two-hour time slot. Looking for a longer time slot or an all-nighter? Get in touch about this here

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